Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Power of Attorney


I, Theric, am writing this blog on behalf of my darling wife to let you know that at 1330 hours today, being April 25, 2006, a Wednesday, we will be supping at Ottavio's fine eating establishment on Center Street in Provo, Utah, just east of University Boulevard. We will be enjoying bruschetta and probably that's it. Bring your companionable company and join us.

Thank you.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

The Thteeds are Coming!

It is now official, the Thteeds are coming to Provo, UT!

Now we just have to pack.

I hate packing.

I could use your help.

What is the weather like there? Do I need my big winter coat, my mittens and two scarves? Or will a heavy sweater suffice?

And what should I wear to the Blog Party? I'm feeling a lot of pressure to make a good impression on all of you.

Perhaps a little black dress with heels and my best pearls? Too fancy?

What about this floor length aqua number, complete with sleek revolver should things get out of hand? No?

Do you like this white Grecian dress? If I wear it Theric will have to come as his true self--if I can tear him away from his typewriter.

I could be mysterious in a purple bustier gown and tiki mask. I like the mask--I'm not so sure I want you all to see my true visage.

I could go super mod in this chessboard go-go dress. Do you think Master Fob will be providing any go-go cages?

Skinny black pants and short sleeved sweater? No, skinny black pants always make my butt look big.

Master Fob said we might be partying outside, so perhaps this luau number?

Or should Theric and I just come au naturel? Do you think it will it be that kind of party?

Well I can't wait to see what you're wearing.

See you there!

Special thanks to Shag for the great illustrations of my possible outfits.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

The Big O is in the Closet

The Big O has taken to hiding in my closet.

It happened for the first time early this week. I was busy in the kitchen when I realized I could no longer hear him. I called out his name but got no response. I looked in the living room, not there. I looked in his room, not there. I looked in the bathroom, not there. I looked in my room, not there. By this point I am in a slight panic. My child was here just a few minutes ago and now he has
disappeared! Aaaaaah!

But then I heard a sound, a Big O sound.

I followed the sound to my closet, pushed back the curtain and there he was. The Big O of course thought this was very funny, he giggled and laughed. I was relieved.

He has scared me a few more times this week, vanishing
g to his hiding spot. But the Big O seems to really enjoy hiding in the closet. He'll be watching a dvd then stand up and move on in to the closet, then continue watching for a while from there. Or he'll go there and just sit by himself. And other times he is deliberately hiding from myself or his daddy.

I guess hiding in the closet is cute?

Or is he a spy?

Thursday, April 13, 2006

It's 8.03 pm...

Do you know where your husband is?

This time I do! I sent him out to get more eggs........at 7pm!

Why does it take more than an hour to get eggs?


The Big O LOVES trains.

He has a BRIO train set which he also loves.

The only thing that is missing from complete train happiness in his little train life is a caboose. A caboose for his train set.

So if anyone out there has one they no longer need, or maybe you were wondering what sort of gift to give to the BIG O, because you consider yourself his biggest fan. (I know there's more than one of you out there!) A little red caboose for his BRIO train set would be the most perfect and desired of gifts.

Thank you.

No, really, a caboose. Please. If I have to hear "Boose!" one more time I think I might snap......

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

It's 9.03 pm

do you know where your family is?

NO!!!! Where are they!

All I asked Theric to get was a dozen eggs and an Easter decoration while I went to Enrichment.

I thought it would take an hour at the most.

I left at 6.30pm.

Where are they!

So, I hope you all know where your families are, and that you have a good stock of eggs in your fridge.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

New Glasses.....

I hope most of you have already been to Theric's blog and read about our new glasses. If not, please go there and read his post on this topic first.

What Theric said about my old pair of glasses is true. They were perfect.

Never have I owned such a pair of glasses. A pair of glasses that I was truly excited to put on every morning and wear all day. A pair that complemented my hair and my face. They were perfect.

When I picked them out oh so many years ago (I was still on my parents insurance!) I balked at the price. As did my mother. I feared to even try them on because, if I remember correctly, they were priced at $250 !!!!!!

They were Kenneth Cole. Plastic, reddish brown, almond shaped frames.

They looked nice, plus I admired and desired highly to own Kenneth Cole shoes. Eyeglass frames, though not quite as exciting as shoes, might quelch my desire for his shoes, I thought. I put them on my face and fell in love with them. My Mom loved them too. But we did not love the price tag.

They were pretty much the only frame at the optometrist that I liked though, so I felt kind of stuck. Do I go with a frame that is ok or do I beg my Mom to pay the cost difference for a pair of frames that I love?

And then the lady there that helps customers with the picking out and adjusting of glasses frames took one look at me in them and said " Wow! Those frames were made for you!" Now she might say that to everyone, but she sounded pretty sincere to me, so my mother and I were convinced and Mom bought them.

Thinking back they really could not have been $250, it was probably more like $150. Still, that's a lot when all through my life my Mother always told me I could not pick put a frame that exceeded what was covered by our Insurance. Usually that was about $40 or $50. So asking Mom to cover the rest out of pocket was a big deal.

Once I started wearing them I would get comments on them at least once a month. This was truly novel to me as I had never ever received compliments on my eyeglasses. I have worn glasses since second grade. I switched to contacts sometime in high school because I was tried of feeling ugly all of the time. Getting rid of the glasses really boosted my self image. But during my sophomore year of college I decided I would like to have a pair of glasses that I really liked. A pair to wear when I didn't feel like dealing with my contacts. I asked my Mother if this would be ok and the next time I came home she took me to our optometrist's to pick out some new frames.

When I started wearing these new Kenneth Cole frames I hadn't been wearing glasses at all for about four years. So to be switching back and forth felt like a luxury, plus I looked great in these new frames.

I quickly switched to wearing my glasses almost all the time because I loved the Kenneth Cole frames so much.

It has been asked why I would give up such perfect frames. Good question. I actually am now wondering that myself. But there is a good reason.

Besides the fact that I had to get new glasses (my prescription had changed ever so slightly) the perfect frames were getting very worn. They are plastic you see, and plastic can start to change colors and degrade when worn everyday next to skin for six-plus years. The Kenneth Coles were discolored in a few places and they were beginning to feel a little bit fragile. So, new frames were definitely in order.

Theric and I were very excited to go to our optometry appointment. We were very excited to choose new frames. But my excitement waned when I realized this office had no frames similar to my perfect ones. In fact I was very disappointed overall with the selection.

But,I got it narrowed down to two that I liked ok. Theric could not choose between them, nor could I. So I asked the lady who was assisting us for her opinion, and I went with the pair she thought looked best. (I tried to find a picture of them to post, but every time I found a place that said they were selling Brooks Brothers 657 they had no photo available....strange.)

As you know, we went yesterday (Wed. April 5th) to go pick up our new glasses. I put my new pair on and things looked so....crisp and clean....it was unnerving. Plus they felt weird. The girl working adjusted the fit a little bit for me. They felt a little better but not quite right. I looked at myself in the mirror and hated what I saw.

I did not like these new glasses. I started to get a headache.

I complained about them the rest of the evening: "They made my face look fat! They make me look old! These were meant for men!I look like I have a square face!" And other various complaints.

I did not like these glasses.

The headache was worse, they felt crooked and they kept sliding down my nose. It was infuriating. The world looked askew and I felt sick. I was very depressed.

"I'm wearing my old glasses!" I declared. But Theric would not allow me to and said I had to give the new ones at least a week before deciding to get new ones. (Ha! As if we can even afford new ones! These were not cheap.) And that I should go back to the office to get them re-fit.

I had them re-fit this morning.

The world looks better, my headache is gone.

Perhaps these new frames aren't so bad after all.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Month of Abject Poverty: Resumes

The PAUSE was lovely, as was our little vacation. More money was spent on gas than on what would normally be considered un-allowed purchases (four DVDs, chocolate covered raisins, cookies, chips, and three...or was it four?...meals out). But today the Month of Abject Poverty was put back on PLAY for at least another week, but most likely another month, or maybe two...

Today my devotion to the Month of Abject Poverty was sorely tested.

On my way to the post office to mail our tax return I passed the library and noticed a large sign. A large sign with words that are divine to a Thteed's ears "Used Book Sale" (cue angelic voices).

I stopped.

I watched mothers and their children leaving with plastic shopping bags of books, I saw old gentlemen carrying out nice stacks of hardback novels, I really really wanted to cross the street and go inside to browse the books.

"I could just go in and look, I don't have to buy anything, just look....HA! Of course you're going to buy something, there's no way you will be able to pass up buying a book that's marked for $1, it's against your nature...Yes, you are right, sigh. I will not cross the street and enter the "Used Book Sale". I will continue on to the post office to mail my tax return, then return to my car and continue with my remaining errands."

And that is what I did.

Pulling away I was very proud of myself for resisting such a HUGE temptation.

But the tempting was not over.

I was on my way to Target, to make a return.

Target is big temptation number one on my list of places to avoid during the Month of Abject Poverty. But I had to return a DVD Theric and I had purchased to give to the Big O for Easter. We found and bought the same DVD at Costco (during our vacation), but it was packed together with another movie we liked and priced only one dollar more than what we paid for the one purchased at Target. So the return had to be made.

I parked. I told myself I would do the return then get back in the car. I would NOT be wandering around the store. The Big O and I went in, we did the return, we were about to leave when I saw a huge, strangely cute, purple bunny hanging from the ceiling. It was advertising the Easter merchandise. The display was intriguing and cute. Whoever they got to illustrate the Easter stuff was good--weird but cute at the same time. I had to go check it out. Into a cart the Big O went and we were off.

We checked out the Easter stuff and the rest of the store. It was fun, but nothing was purchased. You should be very proud of me. I am very proud of me. Actually, I was slightly disappointed that I didn't find anything I really wanted to buy. Perhaps I am beginning to wean myself from the teat-o-Target?

Next we headed for Costco to get some whole milk for the Big O. Costco can also be dangerous but since Theric was not with me there was no looking at DVDs or books, just wandering the warehouse trying to find samples. There were only two! Seafood (yuck) and some sort of coffee drink. I was most upset, but left Costco with only one purchase made.


I'm getting pretty good at being Abjectly poor.

Monday, April 03, 2006

Not a Finalist

The Big O is not a Finalist...but other not as cute kids, adults and animals are. Hrmmph.

Go here to see:

Thanks for all your votes.