Friday, June 29, 2007


You can all calm down now.

I found my belly button.

I also found my ankles and regained the ability to bend my toes.

Let the rejoicing begin.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

It's a Boy!

(not one of these or these)

Born 6 minutes into my birthday--just barely too late to be a Father's Day present--the youngest Thteed measured in at 7 pounds 12.4 ounces, and 21½ inches long.

He has a very round head and a good face. And dimples. My baby has dimples. Does your baby have dimples?

And you should see his long, fabulous fingernail. They look like they're straight from the manicurist's. (Do your fingernails look like they're straight from the manicurist's? Mine don't.)

Check him out:

Baby Thteed
Baby Thteed
Baby Thteed

(Sorry, no pictures of dimples yet, but check out those nails!)

Saturday, June 16, 2007

I never knew

that my foot could become so swollen that it would not be possible to bend my toes.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Only One Week...

until my estimated due date.
until my birthday.
until Theric starts taking his credentialing classes
until my next midwife appointment--I wonder if I'll make it.

Only one week...


Friday, June 08, 2007


I finished painting the Big O's room last night!


I am ecstatic.

And I only have a touch of Mango Maddness.

Friday, June 01, 2007

The Perfect Lemon Bars

Today I decided to make lemon bars. I love lemon bars, Theric loves lemon bars, doesn't everyone love lemon bars? However, these bars were not going to be just for us, they were going to be a small token of appreciation to our dear neighbors who will soon be moving away to Boston with their sweet three-year-old son (one of the Big O's favorite playmates) and their brand new baby boy.

The point is that these were going to be a gift, so they had to be good. They had to be perfect.

Unfortunately I do not currently posses the recipe that produces PERFECT lemon bars. I have recipes that produce OK, mediocre and gross lemon bars. But yesterday I found a recipe titled 'Perfect Lemon Bars' in a preview copy of Cook's Illustrated Magazine I had lying around.

The article regarded their experiments in creating the 'perfect' lemon bars:

"I set out to develop a recipe for a lemon bar with a tender, melt-in-your-mouth crust that has a good balance of sweetness and richness. The lemon topping I was looking for needed to have a true, vibrant lemon taste, a light texture, and good mouthfeel. I also wanted to find just the right balance between filling and crust in terms of both texture and flavor. In addition, I wanted a good, clean cut when serving, without the crust crumbling or the topping falling over. Last but not least, since lemon bars are a casual treat to make without a lot of fuss, I wanted a recipe that was simple and straightforward."

My needs are similar:

Tart lemon flavor, but no too tart, tender crust with a nice crumble to it, not soggy, and a little sweet, like a shortbread cookie. The proportion of lemon filling to crust must be correct, meaning more filling than crust. And the filling must hold it's own--it can't ooze everywhere a few minutes after you cut the bars--it must hold it's shape yet not be gummy or hard or gross.

I think I have maybe tasted two or three lemon bars in my lifetime that have met all these criteria. One was from a bakery in Tehachapi, another at a church potluck.

The magazine's experimentation with the recipe seemed thorough and the resulting recipe didn't look overly difficult or intimidating; very do-able. So I gathered my supplies, picked some Meyer lemons from my lemon tree, and the Big O and I went to work making lemon bars.

Overall the recipe was simple, and had I not been making them with a three-year-old it is possible it wouldn't have taken me four hours to complete them. But it did. Four hours is a rather large investment of time and one expects (and hopes) that such an investment will yield excellent, or even just good results.

But I guess I my expectations are too high.

The resulting lemon bars are edible but certainly do not meet all my requirements. In noway are they 'perfect'. I am VERY disappointed with them. They are certainly not good enough to give as a gift. Fortunately the Big O likes them, so someone will enjoy them, because it won't be the neighbors.

I think the neighbors will be getting some fresh chocolate chip cookies instead.

So my dear readers, the question I pose to you is, do you have the 'Perfect' lemon bar recipe?

If so, will you please share it with me?

One Week!

Yesterday I had my now weekly appointment with my midwife. At previous appointments she had expressed concern that I was not putting on enough weight.

I think I pleased her yesterday.

Since last Thursday I put on five pounds!

Five pounds! In one week!! AHCK!!!

I blame it entirely on ice cream.