Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Internet Portal

Theric has shown me his secret portal to the internet. It resides at his parents house.

The move went ok. We got the truck, though the next time we move we need a MUCH larger one. We made it to the Bay Area and now all our stuff is in the gigantic garage at our new house. The bad things that happened: Foxy J did not show up to help us load the truck, we put a huge dent in the truck getting gas right before we turned it in and we turned the truck in late because the turn in time I was given was wrong. SIGH.

But at least no one died.

Now I am in the process of picking out colors for the interior of the house.

But at this very moment, and probably for a few more days, I am back in Tehachapi at my in-laws enjoying their air conditioning and internet portal.

Internet and air-conditioning, what more do you need?

Wednesday, July 12, 2006


I've just rolled out of bed.

I just had a disconcerting dream regarding our move tomorrow.

I will share it with you now.

It was the morning of the move. I woke up in bed and stared at the ceiling. I got out of bed. But Theric would NOT wake up. He just kept sleeping, and sleeping. Even though his alarm kept going off and I was trying to wake him up every few minutes!

(In not dreamland Theric's alarm was actually going off every five minutes for at least an hour, but he was not waking....)

Dreamland: We were supposed to get the truck at 8.30 am, it is now 9.30 am and apparently it is our complex's moving day. There are people everywhere. Some moving in, others moving out. It is madness. I look out the bedroom window and there are boxes and fridges and furniture everywhere. I see a cousin of Theric's and her husband walk by carrying boxes. They must be moving in, which is sad since we are now moving out.

Into our bedroom walks Foxy J carrying a box and asking when Theric's going to wake up and go get the truck because there are people here ready to help us load. I discuss my frustration with her, then she walks out of the apartment with the box.

I walk into the living room and there are strange people there. Their boxes are now mixed with ours. Their furniture is blocking the door. ARRRRGGGHHHHH!!!! This is why Theric was supposed to wake up early so we would be out before the other people move in!!

I walk back to the bedroom.

Theric is gone.

I run outside into the crowd.

I do not see him. I start running from apartment to apartment looking for him. All these apartments are MUCH nicer than ours, They are painted pretty colors and decorated nicely. In one apartment I comment to the tenant about her wall--the bottom is painted a lavender color and the top is painted a green color. I tell her I like the green. She tells me it is called "skeleton green." (We'll get to do some painting in our new house; I'll have to look for that color.) These apartments also have built in drawers and lots of closet space. I keep thinking: "Why is our apartment so crappy!" I walk in on people doing things I would rather not see, people talking on cell phones, and children playing with stuffed animals and putting books on shelves.

I try to return to my apartment, but now I can't find it. Everytime I walk into one I am sure is mine, someone else has already moved in their stuff and is busy unpacking. I am frantic.

I go back outside to the parking lot. I see our car. I see Theric in the car, with someone else pulling away. I run. I yell.


They are gone. ARRRGGGHHHH!!! He can't get the truck without me because I made the reservation. They must see MY two forms of ID.


MY ID, not Theric's.

He will have to drive all the way to the truck place get rejected then return to the complex to take me to the truck rental place . We probably won't get the truck for another hour!

I start trying to find someone I know to take me to the truck place. I find my in-laws but they ignore me because I sent Oliver up to the Bay Area with my mother while they were gone in Idaho: the Gem State.

(This is actually true. The Big O is with his OTHER grandparents this week. Theric's parents are not happy about this. They were in Idaho and I sent Big O with my mother while they were still there. They are most upset since they did not get to say good-bye to him and my mom in-law had thought she would get to have him for a day before we moved. But because my mom took him off our hands Monday morning, we were able to get everything done much much faster. Besides, we will be visiting Theric's parents in about two weeks, it's not as if we are never returning. Sigh.)


My in-laws ignore me.

Someone has set up a large model railroad on the grass. Suddenly the Big O is back and running across the track, very excited to watch the little train go by.

I am frustrated, angry and very hot.

I hear Theric's alarm go off again.

End dream.

I hope tomorrow, Moving Day, doesn't go anything like that. Because I just might go mad if it does and Theric will have to put me in some sort of institution. I'm not so sure I like institutions.

Hopefully my madness will not stem from a crazy move, but from Internet withdrawal.

Today we will return the Adelphia modem.

We may not get internet again for quite a while.

Good-bye blog world.

In better news: with the Big O gone and our packing complete, we have one free day!

To reward ourselves we will be going out to breakfast at the AV's famed Crazy Otto's. Then we will treat ourselves to a matinee showing of The Pirate movie.

Me timbers are already shivering.

Monday, July 03, 2006


Today I was packing my Fiesta Ware, wrapping it in bubble wrap. I popped a few of the bubbles.

A memory surfaced of the fun times I would have with my father and brother popping bubblewrap. The bubblewrap came from the packages of stereo equipment my father would get at regular intervals.

We'd be sitting at the table.
I would notice some bubblewrap sitting with us.
I would pop one. Snap.
My brother would pop one. Snap.
My father would pop one. Snap.

It would escalate into a race to see who would pop the last bubble.
It was silly.
It was loud.
It was fun.

Well now I can have nearly as much fun playing this.

Ah, the internet.
Giving me fun.
Making noise.
Saving my bubblewrap for it's true purpose.



We are moving again.

I am packing up all our stuff, again.

One of my first posts was about packing.

My life must be on repeat.

We still have a lot of stuff.

I am begining to accept this fact rather than feel bad about it.

The Thteeds own a lot of stuff.

Yes, it's true. We own a lot and I am not ashamed.

Well, not too ashamed.

In comparison to most Americans we actually don't own all that much. Compared to many residents here in our complex we don't own a lot. I know this becasue we can walk around in our single car garage. Most people have one small skinny aisle down the center while either side is packed tightly floor to ceiling.

Whew! I'm glad I don't have to pack all that.

Just what we already have.