Thursday, January 31, 2008

Happy Last Day of the First Month of the New Year!

Be sure to make it special.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Hail to the Prophet, Ascended to Heaven

President Gordon Bitner Hinckley
June 23, 1910 – January 27, 2008

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

I must be stressed...

...because I woke up this morning with a cold sore.

What could be stressing me out you ask?

1. I am leading a book group discussion tomorrow and prior to waking up this morning had yet to finish the book. (I finished it this afternoon! Yipee!! Now to come up with discussion topics...eek!)

2. I set a goal to have this years LDotFMotNY letter all finished by this Saturday--I can see no way this will happen.

3. I'm doing Sharing Time in Primary on Sunday and I have yet to even look at the materials provided to me by the Stake.

4. The pile of dishes in the kitchen has taken over nearly all the counter space I have--I fear the pile may fall on top of me.

5. I have yet to finish, never mind send out, the 'Thank you' cards the Big O and I started two weeks ago.

6. The Thteeds need a new car. The Thteeds have very limited resources to purchase a said car.

These are the major things, I won't bore you with the small ones.

Oh! I forgot one--

7. I now have a cold sore--and two public appearances where I will be the one leading the activity, the person people will be looking at. I don't think this cold sore will be leaving anytime soon.

It will be hanging around, blighting my otherwise normal face.

When you see me next please do not stare.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Chronicle of Thteed Illness: Part Two

I had been waiting to write this update once each and every Thteed was fully healthy, but I think that such a thing may never happen.

I am mostly pleased to write that the Thteeds are practically, and very nearly, fully healthy. How long this may last is of course an unknown, so it must be celebrated while it is happening.

Since the last discussion of illnesses I got another cold and so did the Large S. Theric has managed to stay well since he got over his last cold. The Big O's coughs and sniffles finally ceased sometime last week. And only yesterday would I consider the Large S to be recovered fully--the constant stream of snot on his face has stopped and no more phlegmy cough.

The cold that struck me arrived Christmas day. A most unwelcome gift. Besides not being able to breathe freely the worst part was that my sense of taste was gone.

Imagine you are surrounded by tasty delicious foods. Some of them your favorites, delicacies that are served up only at Christmastime, but you can't taste them! You keep putting them in your mouth, chewing and hoping, hoping and wishing, that suddenly your taste will return--but no. NO TASTE.

It was rather depressing. But by New Year's the cold was mostly gone and most importantly my taste was back! Huzzah! Life could have extra joy again!

I thought we were all done with stuffy noses, sniffles and coughs. This Monday Large S's nose stopped dribbling and the Big O coughed only in the morning. But then I began to feel a cold creeping it's way into my system on Tuesday. Grrrr.

It's not very bad. And yesterday I managed to get a nap in plus I have been drinking lots of water, taking loads of Vitamin C and Airborne. Today I feel improved.

Hopefully improvement will continue and the Thteed home will become illness free for longer period of time than a week.

One can hope can't they?

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

From me to you