Thursday, June 22, 2006

Back to the Scene

The scene of our accident that is.

Yes, the Thteeds have to go back to the city that is Las Vegas, so Theric can appear in court and pay his ticket.

I am most displeased.

We had thought they would just let him plead over the phone but no, he HAS to be there. He's not even going before a judge or anything, just a court clerk! GRRRRRRRRR.....

Did I mention that I don't like Vegas very much?

Fortunately my in-laws are being so kind and letting us borrow their air conditioned van for the drive. I feel this is almost TOO kind as we wrecked a car the last time we were in Vegas.

We will also be visiting one of Eric's cousins and his family. This I am looking forward to--so, at least the trip isn't a complete waste.

Keep us in your thoughts and pray we don't get in another wreck.

Maybe it will be a better trip if I wear a bucket on my head.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Wear a Bucket on Your Head.

That was the advice given to me by the hilarious birthday card sent to me by my family.

It read: It's your birthday, so take it easy. RELAX. Wear a bucket on your head. Whatever.

On the front was a black and white picture of two toddlers sitting on the edge of a pool, their backs to us. One of them is wearing a bucket on his head.

It's hilarious. One of the best birthday cards I have ever received. Even if it did come two days late. This means there is still time for all of you out there to send me a birthday greeting. I generously give one week on either side of my birthday in which to receive greetings. I happen to know Hallmark has some very funny e-cards available. Hop to it!

Click me
My friend Wren sent me an e-card. I've watched multiple times now. It's great! I now have empathy for all my past, present and future birthday cakes.

Silly Marie and Bro. Steed also sent me a fabulous Kip Dynamite card. It too was funny, but bucket head wins.

Overall I had a nice birthday, even though I had to share my glory with all the dads out there.

Theric got me two items off my birthday list (this and this), plus some books that had not made it onto the list. And the Big O gave me the Best of David Bowie double CD album. Theric told me the Big O picked it out all by himself! I was so impressed, at two and a half he has fabulous taste in music!

The only downer to my birthday was that the Big O was sick. He has been sick since June 10th or so, with a respiratory thing. It's been awful. Theric and I had planned to leave the Big O with his grandma and take a trip to LA to visit the Getty and the Neon museum, but had to cancel because the Big O was so sick.

So we just spent last Thursday through Saturday at my in-laws where it is cooler, cleaner, and not surrounded by loud music. It was not ideal, and I was very sad to not visit the Getty, but it was better than being at our apartment.

Plus, Theric took me out to see Nacho Libre! It was very entertaining. I would probably watch it again.

Afterwards, we went to our favorite bakery in Tehachapi for a wonderful Saladwich with roast beef, then gorged ourselves on baked goods. It was delicious.

Overall it was a pretty good birthday.

If only I had worn a bucket on my head.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

New Look

Theric and I have been working on getting this new banner up for about a week now.

It only took me one day to design the banner, but it took so much longer to put it up on my blog in a way that I liked.

I am a graphic designer, not a web monkey.

Oh well.

Hope you all like the new look.


Lady Steed

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Only Six shopping Days Left

Till my birthday! Do you have a gift for me yet? No!?

Well June 18th is quickly approaching so you'd better get moving if you want to get me a gift that will make me truly happy on my birthday.

Here are some helpful suggestions:

, , , ,
, , ,
, , .

Or you could all pool your resources and get me this

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beautiful Eames's on sale!

Happy shopping!

Last Sunday was lovely

Last Sunday was lovely. We spent it at my in-laws' house, where the food is good, the neighbors are quiet, and the weather is just right.

Eventually the time came to leave--Theric had work the next day and it was long past the Big O's bed time. We loaded up and drove the hour back to the AV.

I entered the apartment first. Theric was back at the car unloading the Big O and his car seat.

All was quiet inside. How nice.

I walked to the kitchen and flipped the light on. Before entering the kitchen I scanned the floor and counters for large bugs that would requiring killing. I saw none. Good.

I entered the kitchen the find a little snack. After taking the first step towards the fridge I noticed something on the ground. Something moving. Eww! A pale, nearly transparent, little worm-type thing wriggling across the linoleum, its black head bobbing about. Yuck. I quickly grabbed some paper towel and took care of it.

As I arose and turned to drop the towel in the trash can I noticed another little worm.

Two! eww.

Then I noticed another.

and another.

and another.

I screamed.

Everywhere I turned there were these pale little wormy creatures crawling on my kitchen floor.

I screamed again.

It was very much like one of those campy 1950's horror movies where the female lead realizes she is surrounded on all sides by zombies and she can't get away. She screams and panics.

I did the same thing.

Fortunately Theric came in with the Big O.

"Theric!Theric!Theric! There's GROSS little worms all over the kitchen floor! Save me!"

By this point I was a little unhinged, nearly crying.

Theric surveyed the floor and was also grossed out but managed to keep calm.

There were at least thirty or forty all over the floor, all crawling in different directions. Theric set to work killing them.

Theric, being the excellent bug destroyer that he is, took care of all the worms and also figured out where they were coming from--our trash can.

"They're maggots, Lady Steed."

"Maggots! Why are there maggots in my kitchen?!" I wanted to throw up.

"I think a fly got in the apartment, got trapped in the trash can, then laid it's eggs in the watermelon rind."

This made sense. There was a lot of watermelon rind in the trash, and a day or two before I had managed to trap a fly in the trash can.

And now Theric had killed all visible maggots and figured out where they were coming from. I was impressed and relieved.

My hero!

He took out the trash and sprayed the trash can with Raid, creating a second great maggot exodus, and second great maggot slaughter by Theric.

We killed the last of the maggots Monday morning.

Since then watermelon rind has traveled directly to the dumpster.

And all maggots tremble whenever they hear the name Theric, Maggotslayer.

Another Sunday saved.

Monday, June 05, 2006

Our Second...

Everywhere I look it seems like people are having their second baby. Or pregnant with their second baby. Or a few months from having their second baby. Or just had their second baby.

Foxy J, First Neighbors, Hypnobirthing Friends, My Other Sis-in-Law, Gwyenth Paltrow, The Duganators....

It's making me really....frustrated. See we want to be having a second baby right about now, but no such luck.

So, I am sad and frustrated that we can't seem to make a second baby. I'm kind of upset, but you know I'm ok, just a little sad.

Then I see this on

WHATWHATWHATWHAT?!Britney Spears is pregnant with her second baby?!?!

Now I just feel like I am being mocked.

I know this is old news. I've just been unable to get out timely posts lately. Sorry.
Congratulations to all my friends and blog friends who have, or will soon have, their second babies.