Wednesday, April 29, 2009


It's noon and I am still in my bathrobe.

I am rather depressed by this, usually by now I have at least made it into my comfy 'hang around the house' clothes (aka sweat pants and t-shirt). Even more depressing, I haven't showered since Sunday. While reading to the Big O this morning he said "You're smelly Mommy." Thanks kid, I already knew that. Hopefully I will get a shower in today.

So, in order to cheer myself up while in this bathrobed, smelly, unshowered state, I have decided to list what I have accomplished so far today:

1. Slept in till 7:30am and remained in bed for another half-hour snuggling with my boys and
reading to them.

2. Fed children breakfast

3. Fed myself breakfast (!)

4. Put away dishes from last night

5. Did breakfast dishes

6. Changed Large S's diaper, got him dressed and his teeth brushed

7. Reminded Big O to dress himself, make his bed, take his medicine and brush his teeth. All of which he did without protest.

8. Convinced children to play quietly with trains

9. Got refried beans started in the crock pot

10. Intervened in various arguments between children

11. Made children a healthy snack

12. Made granola

13. Brushed my own teeth

14. Let kids outside to play

15. Did more dishes

16. Changed another diaper

17. Comforted a very sad and bleeding Large S

18. Wrote a blog post

Hey, not too bad! So while it might appear by looking at me that nothing has gotten done since 7.30am here in the Thteed household, that is certainly not the case.

However, I'm still really wanting that shower.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Soul Food

I love Mint Milano cookies. LOVE them. Pepperidge Farms makes some very delicious cookies, but those Mint Milanos are the tops. I don't buy them that often but they were on sale at the store so I bought a few bags. As I was sitting down and enjoying them (after the kids had gone to bed), closing my eyes and relishing each bite, I began to wonder why I liked them so much. Crispy melt in your mouth cookies, sealed together with a layer of delicious dark chocolate and mint—what’s not to love!?

But—have you ever read the copy on the side of a bag of Milanos? I am not so sure my love for these cookies is acceptable in the sight of God. See for yourself:

A 'baker's soul' !? What?! Is that really nescessary? And how many bakers' souls are required per bag of cookies? How many souls am I comsuming when I enjoy these cookies? How many bad marks does that get me? What's the punishment for eating souls? Is it the 'baker's soul' that makes these cookies so very good? I think it must be—surely there can't be any more forbidden thing to eat than a soul. How are these souls acquired? Are they the souls of evil bakers? If so, would that make it OK to eat them? Or maybe they are ill-gotten souls of good, righteous bakers? Then surely it would be bad to eat them, right?

Oh dear.

These cookies have brought some serious moral issues to the forefront of my eating habits.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Does this indicate that I might need a vactaion?

Yesterday I had a dentist appointment and it was the best part of my day, possibly the best part of the last month.


I got to walk to and from the dentist's officealone. While there I got to sit in a clean, quiet, nicely decorated waiting room and read a magazinealone. When it was time to have my teeth cleaned, I got to sit in a comfy chair and make pleasant small talk with the hygienistuninterrupted. When she was ready to get to work on my teeth, she raised and reclined the chair (I think that position sent lots of oxygen rich blood to my head, which may explain why my brain felt less addled afterwards) and I got to lay there, very still, with my eyes closed (that light they use is super bright). I even took off my glasses. My mouth of course was open and the hygienist was cleaning my teeth which was a little bit uncomfortable at times but, I tell you, it was so relaxing. There was only pleasant music playing softly and the sound of that sucker thing. I didn't fall asleep but I certainly could have. I was in a state of relaxation and it was lovely. No children. No children anywhere in that office. No children for a total time of approximateley an hour and a half. Completely worth the $30 copay.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter 2009