Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Happy Blogday to After Happily Ever After!

Today this blog is two years old.

To celebrate I would love to hear from you dear readers. I love comments.

Tell me which post is your favorite.

Or you could send me cake. I love cake.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

For unto you is born this day...a Saviour, which is Christ the Lord.

And she brought forth her firstborn son, and wrapped him in swaddling clothes, and laid him in a manger...

Saturday, December 22, 2007


"I heard that you have a Bog."

"A Bog?"

"Yeah, a Bog."

Silence while I try to figure out what this person is talking about.

How could I have a bog? I do not own any property in Ireland. Nor have I left the hose running too long causing the side yard to become a bog.

Hmmm.....a bog. What is she talking about? What does she really mean?!


"OH! A Blog! You mean a blog!" Hahahahaha!! Bog. Hahahahaha!!!

"Yeah, that's it, a blog. You have one right?"

"Oh yes, I have a blog...but not a bog."

Friday, December 21, 2007

Will it EVER End?!!!

Apparently no.

Sickness will continue to remain in the Thteed household for who knows how long.

The Big O is quite badly off with a cough, a runny nose and lots of wheezing.

I actually took him to the doctor today. I felt it was time that this wheezing had some professional observation. The Big O is now the proud owner of his very own inhaler. The inhaler has made breathing easier.

Hopefully his cold will be gone by Christmas.

Theric is also in the throes of a full on cold. He slept most of the day. When awake he is all sniffles and sneezing. Poor dear.

Fortunately I am feeling well. In an effort to keep this feeling going I will try to get sufficient sleep and stop my habit of going to bed after one.

However, getting good sleep is a problem when you are surrounded by sick people--they're such noisy sleepers.

I just want us all to be well for one week, that's all I ask.

Preferably the week of Christmas--pretty please.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Chronicle of Thteed Illness

It's been 3½ weeks since my last post in which I gloated about my health and ability to eat and enjoy food. Why so long with out a dispatch? One word: BLEAAARGH.

In that prior post wherein I expressed my joy that I would be able to Feast Away this Thanksgiving and enjoy all the yummy flavor--without worrying about seeing the food again, all chewed up and framed in porcelain.


Friday night, after Thanksgiving, I spent all night in the bathroom. Each time I thought I was done, I would crawl back into bed, lay my head on the pillow, close my eyes for five minutes, then dash back to the bathroom. Saturday passed in like manner. It was horrid. Theric and the Big O were only moderately better.

Big O had a fever and threw up.

Theric stuck with the fever.

We stayed home from Church that Sunday.

So much for enjoying Thanksgiving weekend....

Once the stomach problem cleared up, the Big O promptly came down with a cold that Monday, the 26th. Poor kid. Lots of coughing and a stuffy runny nose.

By the 28th the Big O was doing much better, but by then Theric was in the depths of a fever. He came home early for work on the 27th and proceeded to sleep through the rest of the day. He stayed home on the 28th.

Did I forget to mention that during all of this I was trying to plan the Big O's birthday party? Oh, and our van died too, so we were dealing with that as well, which involved drives to two mechanics, then the dealer, then the junk yard.

All this time I was just happy to have avoided the family cold--and Large S never got it bad, just a bit of stuffy nose; otherwise he was just his happy self.

Sadly, my health did not last. On the 29th, the cold hit me. Yuck. I could feel its slowly creeping path into my sinuses. I stuffed myself with GSE, Airborne, Cold-EEZE and Vitamin C. But it was a fruitless effort. I was out. Felt horrible. Stayed in bed the next day. But at least everyone else seemed okay.

The fact that I was stressing about the birthday party probably didn't help me get better any quicker. It took a week before I finally felt I was getting better. On Saturday, December 8th, the day of the party, I felt much improved, noncontagious and sufficiently able to do the party thing.

The party went well. I think the ten 3- and 4-year-olds all had a good time.

That evening we plus my parents went to our ward Christmas party. It was great not to have to make dinner after throwing a party at my own house.

On Sunday I was still stuffy but on the slow mend. Little did I know that my house about to be invaded by another nasty bug.

Sunday night, while visiting 'sposita and co., the Big O threw up all over their hallway, their bathroom and himself. Awful way to end the evening. But I figured it was just because he had had too much cake on an empty stomach (my fault), a one-time throw-up incident.

Boy was I wrong.

He threw up about every thirty minutes throughout the night. I got to stay up with him. I washed many changes of bedclothes and dirty pjs. (I am very thankful for my washing machine.) I wiped up plenty of puke, but I must say the the Big O got very good at doing it into his bucket with no mess at all.

He continued to be sick through Monday. I felt a little queasy throughout the day but that was all. Large S seemed fine, though his nose was still a bit stuffy. It was a long day, Theric didn't get home till after 8pm. He came home, puked for five minutes, then went to bed. He took the next day off. The Big O threw up once more Tuesday morning. Possibly from spending two straight days doing nothing but watch television.

We all seemed well by Wednesday--- Oh! Did I mention my parents got sick too? Plus most of the ward members that were at the Christmas party? A ward epidemic. We suspect a bug called norovirus.

Anyway, it was Wednesday and it appeared the stomach bug had run it's course. I still had small reminders of the cold, but I was back to full functionality and my taste was back! I could taste! Hoorah!

Saturday afternoon (yesterday) however ......

Theric and O went to a hockey game with my parents. I got to stay home with S all day. I fed him then went to put him down for his afternoon nap, but noticed a super-duper stinky diaper. A change ensued. A particularly horrible change. But I got it done. Put him in his crib. I straightened up, then: Projectile vomiting. Out of the crib. On to the floor. I cried out, shocked. Then he did it again! AHHH!!!

A new mess to clean up. Delightful. Large S didn't throw up again, but he did have plenty of truly scary, grinch-colored diapers.

I thought he seemed fine this morning, Sunday the 16th, so we all went to Church. Afterwards we came home, had lunch and took a nap. I woke up feeling not so good--bad, in fact. Evening came and the Large S threw up again, this time in my bed, then over the edge onto a pile of magazines. Yippee.

That's three consecutive weeks of illness so far and it explains why I have been neglecting this little blo---

Excuse me.

Need to run to the bathroom.