Thursday, August 23, 2007

Large S

You may have notice that Theric and I have settled on a blognym for our newest child. And after his two-month well-child checkup on Tuesday, I now know that this blognym is most appropriate.

At two months of age, Large S weighs 13lbs 12oz!



He's now 24.5 inches long and his head circumference is 39.8 centimeters.

I suppose we could have gone with Huge S, but we didn't want to overshadow Big O.

The pediatrician pointed out that Large S is quite the considerate fellow for entering the world well before he decided to get so big. I had to agree.

She noted that his head is nice and round, and told me that I should not be concerned about the slight flat spot at the back, it will go away.

The pediatrician also complimented Large S on his well balanced body and movement. She was impressed with how strong he is, how well he can hold up his head. He can push himself up and hold that position during tummy time, as well as lift up his head and change the direction he is looking. He's a strong kid!

At two months of age, he is a happy and pleasant baby. Today he discovered he can kick the toys hanging from the arch over his bouncy chair and has been entertaining himself for about 30 minutes doing this!

Just enough time to write a blogpost and put pictures of his bare baby body up on the internet.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

One of these things is not like the other

Here's a picture of Large S.

Cute, no?

Here's a close up of the pattern on the suit he is wearing.

Cute, no?

But wait, something is not quite right here.

There's a giraffe, a zebra... (the theme would appear to be animals of the African savanna)

...and then there's a chick.

A standard, cute, round, yellow chick.

Which, if my memory serves me well, is a domesticated, not wild, not specifically African or savanna living, creature.

I don't know, maybe I have somehow missed out on hearing about the recent discovery of the majestic chickens that roam in the savannas of Africa.....alongside the Zebras and giraffes.

Cheep. Cheep.

Monday, August 13, 2007


The first tomato from the garden of Thteed.

Thteed Freak Mutant TomatoThteed Freak Mutant Tomato
Thteed Freak Mutant TomatoThteed Freak Mutant Tomato
Thteed Freak Mutant TomatoThteed Freak Mutant Tomato
Thteed Freak Mutant TomatoThteed Freak Mutant Tomato
Thteed Freak Mutant TomatoThteed Freak Mutant Tomato

Yeah, I'm a little freaked out by it too. Here's a movie:

Yep. That's one weird tomato.

Not so sure we're going to eat this one.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Evidence Remains

Today while brushing my hair I noticed some white streaks in the ends.

"Oh no!" I thought, "gray hairs!"

But no, not gray hairs.

Just paint. Paint from painting the trim in the Big O's room.

A task completed at the beginning of June.

Yes. Yes I do wash my hair occasionally.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Big O and His Sunflower

Many months ago the Big O planted two seeds, in two separate small peat pots. He did this with his Grandmother who is a fanatic for sunflowers.

He returned home from Grandma's with the seeds and was ecstatic about them. He checked on them every day and made sure they had plenty of light and water. When they finally sprouted and broke out of the dirt he was so excited and showed them to anyone who would take the time to look.

When it got warmer outside, Mommy decided the two little sprouts should be put outside and that maybe then they would grow faster--because goodness his sunflowers were making slow progress. Sadly this turned out to be a bad decision as one of the sprouts died. Or rather, was murdered! We think a bug came and chopped it down right at the base. For no other apparent reason than to hurt a little boy! The bug didn't even eat the top half! It just chopped it down for the fun of it, like it was some huge tree to be felled! Bugs are cruel.

The Big O was sad about this loss. So Mommy decided she had better bring the other sprout back inside to keep it safe from all the mean bugs outside. Fortunately, the sprout thrived and eventually the Big O placed it into a larger pot. Soon Mommy had to put a bamboo skewer in the pot to support the slowly growing plant.

It got taller and taller, and it was decided by the Big O that it was time to move the sunflower plant outside. I do not know where Mommy was when the planting occurred, but in Mommy's opinion the sunflower was planted in an unsuitable spot. It should have been planted where it would get constant sun, instead of a spot that spends most of the day in shade. But, oh well, the sunflower got planted, and despite the less than desirable location it continued to grow. And grow and grow. It grew to be almost as tall as the Big O.... Mommy thinks that if it had been planted in a better spot it would have grown taller than the Big O, but enough about that.....

And now, well, the sunflower has a flower! Which bloomed during the last week of July. The Big O is very proud of his flower and this seed-growing experience, combined with all the Thteed gardening, created a strong interest in plant growth.

And now some lovely photos of the Big O next to his sunflower:

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

All Work and No Play

breastfeeding in the open airIt's been ten days since my last post and though, yes, I have been reading Harry Potter, that is not the reason ten days have passed without a post. Theric's post pretty much lets you know why I have been unable to post for ten days:

Yep. My b**bs hurt.

I have a mild case of mastitis that will just not go away. Fortunately, although it's kept me in bed and away from the computer, it has not gotten really bad--I so do not want to go and have a drain put in my breast.


Anyway, since Theric is already on the subject of b**bs, I wanted to speak up and share some thoughts and observations regarding my own.

So. I began nursing. And then, suddenly, the b**bs were no longer something I felt much need to be modest about. After all, they are no longer a recreational adornment, now they have a Grand, Utilitarian Purpose--feeding my baby--and thus are tools only and as such, not something to be embarrassed about. I don't think much about them hanging out of my robe as I walk around our nearly curtain-free house. Don't care much if a stranger gets a glance at them while I'm nursing--what have I to be embarrassed about? These things have a purpose people! They're not just here to stare at! These are not sex objects--no no!--they are tools to provide nourishment! And I'm glad to be putting them to their proper use.

True, they are currently causing me pain and other troubles, and after they have finished serving their true purpose they will have changed somewhat in shape and feel, but overall that's OK. I'm a little sad about it, but mostly I'm just glad to know that these ridiculous mounds of flesh I've been carrying around for years and which seemed to have no other purpose than to arouse boys (which, by the way, was never worth the discomfort of wearing a bra) will have fulfilled their most elemental purpose. This makes my relationship with them much healthier.

But you know what? Despite all this "fulfillment"--and while I endorse breastfeeding just as highly as Dr. M. A. Malien--there are still times when I just plain wish I wasn't the one with the b**bs.