Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Sitting for a Portriat

Tuesday my mother and I took the Big O over to Kiddie Kandids to have his two year old portriats taken. Kiddie Kandids is my favorite place to have the Big O's portriat taken. In my experience ( I have now used three different Kiddie Kandid locations: Provo Towne Center, one at Antelope Valley Mall and most recently the location at Tanforan Mall) the girls that work there (I have never encountered a male at KK) are all very friendly and well trained in what they are doing. I have yet to have a negative experience and I have taken the Big O for portriats there at least 4 times. I have taken the Big O to The Picture People and they were no good, in fact they were horrible. We have also been to the JC Penny Portriat studio and they were ok but just not as good as Kiddie Kandids.

On Tuesday Kiddie Kandids preformed exceptionally well considering what they had to work with: a uncoporative, very energetic, and contrary two year old. Which is really how two year olds are most of the time, but I hoped the Big O would be good for just long enough to get these portriats taken. Oh how very wrong I was.

The Big O wanted nothing to do with having his picture taken. He was a little pill the whole time. Once I finally convinced him it would be safe to sit up on the picture taking area, he would not leave my lap. Or he would sit one pace over from the spot where he needed to be to get a good picture. He didn't even want to play with his train! I thought that by bringing his little train that spells out his name it would not only make for a really cute picture but also keep him happy. But I was wrong. As soon as I would set the train up he would push it off the edge of the bench! It was so frusturating! The girl working with us was very patient and she tried so hard to get the Big O to warm up to her, she was amazing. Eventually the Big O did warm up to her a little bit and would go and stand for a split second in the area he needed to been in to get the shot. I think it took us about an hour and a half to get three decent shots!

It was a very exhausting experience but in the end I think I got some good pictures of the Big O.
If you would like to see some very small versions of portriats email me and I'll send you a link.

Monday, December 26, 2005

Welcome Welcome

After many requests from Th. and his fellow FOB's I have started my very own blog. So WELCOME!

I cannot guarantee that this will be as wonderful a place to visit as say Thmazing's Thmusing's, The FOB Cave or Miss Nemesis's Voice of Reason but I will do my best to make it not too boring.

I would like to note that I will not be posting very often since at this point in time Th. and I do not have an internet connection in our home. But I do hope that this will change within the next month or two. I would also like to note that the current design and layout was all done for me by Th. Now some of you are thinking "LADY STEED! I thought you were the Graphic Designer in your family? Why on earth would you allow your English major husband to design your blog for you!?" Well my dear friends this is why, because if Th. didn't do it for me I may not have done it on my own, or at least not at this time.

Oh! And another thing, please be forgiving of my grammar. As stated earlier I am a Graphic Designer, I am more concerned with how the words and letters look than with whether or not they are all grammatically correct in arrangement. I may live with a word crafter but I am not one myself.

With all disclaimers stated I am now ready to open this place up to the blogging world.

Welcome all to Lady Steed's online home!