Friday, December 22, 2006

Christmas Trek

Today we leave for the fair land of Tehachapi to spend Christmas with Theric's family. Pray we have a safe trip and that I don't get car sick or have to make the car stop too many times for bathroom breaks due to the alien growing within me.

Hope you all make it safely to your destinations and that you all have lovely Christmases.

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Out in the Cold

I am all alone, out in the cold.

I have not yet become BETA. It seems like everyone else has. It appears they cannot comment on my blog because I am not BETA. While I cannot leave comments on their blogs because they are BETA and I am not.

This switch has caused sadness and disparity.


I suppose I will have to make the switch soon so as not to freeze here in my isolation.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Makin’ Baby

This baby is made of pineapple.

The Big O was made of canned pineapple. When I was pregnant with him, I ate so much canned pineapple. I liked it before the pregnancy, sure, but during pregnancy I craved-craved-craved it; I devoured it; I ate as much as I possibly could. It's amazing the Big O turned out as healthy as he did--being made entirely of pineapple can't be quite what the angels intended, though I suppose it's better than pickles and ice cream.

I remember one time when we were purchasing large quantities of Geisha Pineapple (my favorite brand) at the Macey's in Provo.
    The bagger: "So, you like pineapple?"
    Me: "Yep, I LOVE it!"
    The bagger: "I like it too, but man . . . did you leave any on the shelf?!"
He was completely justified in making this comment. It was a lot of pineapple.

At any rate, it worked. The Baby-Making Pineapple Diet made a delightful ball of gooing fat which has grown into a delightful toddler who can make with a toilet. No doubt even the Teenager-Born-of-Pineapple will spend his Saturdays washing our cars and doing our laundry. Pineapple is the secret to successful parenting.

And I suppose Big O's pineapple make-up explains why he likes pineapple so much. (Although he prefers fresh. The elitist. The snob. The Pineapple Snootypants. Never create a child using only one ingredient! At least remember the snakes and snails and puppydog tails!)

As for the current alien developing within me, it has thus far been composed mostly of applesauce. For most of this first trimester, my primary nutrition source has been applesauce. Applesauce for breakfast, applesauce for lunch, applesauce for dinner, and an applesauce chaser to send me to bed.

Although now, at the time of this writing, I am no longer eating applesause because I'm sick-sick-sick of it and it now makes my stomach feel worse--not to mention it has started hurting my teeth.

The apples are rising up against me.

So now I am curious what foodstuffs the rest of the baby will be made of. And whether they will prove successful as baby parts--as was my beloved pineapple.

Good for what ails you. If what ails you is reproduction.

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to the Big O. He is now three years old.

His birthday was actually yesterday, but I was too busy making his cake and getting ready for his birthday party to write a post.

The party was good.

The cake turned out great.

The Big O got lots of presents.

He had a very happy birthday.