Monday, May 22, 2006

Sick Week


Since May 13th there has been much sickness in the Thteed household. It is slowly petering out but is certainly taking it's time.

It all started at 5 am on May 13th with the Big O puking all over the floor on my side of the bed.


I felt sorry for him but figured he would just puke once. I was oh so very very wrong. He spent all day Saturday puking everywhere. Yuck.

Theric was sick with a cold on Saturday too. I was the only healthy one. That means I took care of everyone. I suppose this was my chance to prove my worth for Mother's Day.

The Big O seemed fine on Sunday. So we all headed off for Church. Theric was also feeling much better. I was, well, exhausted but glad to be at church and see the excellent Mother's Day Sacrament program. Side note: hearing the Primary children sing made me all weepy and I realized that I can't wait till Big O is old enough to go up with the Primary and sing Mother I Love You , or I Often Go Walking to me on Mother's Day.

We returned home and The Big O started up again with the puking. Then Theric started up with it at 3 am. Once again I was spared. Thank heavens.

On Monday the puking stopped but we all had other reasons for rushing to the loo.

By Tuesday Theric was fine, I was done rushing to the loo but felt a sinus infection coming on, and poor O was having all his insides turned into yellow liquid and needing a new diaper every twenty minutes. It was truly horrible.

So, the reasons for so few posts--I have spent the last week cleaning up various excrements from a two-year-old, all while trying to fend off a cold. I am exhausted.

The cold thing finally knocked me down on Sunday May 21. I spent a very long time in bed sleeping, while healthy Theric and O attended church. I am still not all of the way better, but I am getting closer. And it now appears that the Big O is getting a cold. Will the sickness EVER end?!

On a happy note, Theric got me the two books I was missing from the Griffin & Sabine series for Mother's Day. I now have the complete set and am looking forward to reading them all in sequence. I would definitely say that I worked hard for these books, thank you Theric.

In conclusion to this rather long, gross and somewhat pointless post I will make one point:
sometimes being the Mom is not only hard work but also really gross.

sung to the tune of I Often Go Walking:
I of-ten go stepp-ing in pu-ddles of poo-oh,
And I won-der ho-ow much more he can do.
I clean up the pu-ddles the whole apartment o-ver
Dear ba-by such pu-ddles remind me of you.

Friday, May 12, 2006


Two nights ago, Theric and I were reading Leviticus 3 learning all about making sacrificial offerings unto the Lord. How one should kill the animal, how its entrails are to be removed, where the blood is to be flung. It was all very graphic, interesting, and so repetitive.

But then we read this phrase, "All fat belongs to the LORD."

What!? Really?! Awesome!

That means I'm good to go since I'm all fat! YES!

I no longer need to feel guilty when I feel my arteries clogging with fat as I consume Kentucky Fried Chicken, because hey, 'All fat belongs to the Lord' so that makes the fat holy and holy stuff is good for us. Right?

Or maybe it actually means that we shouldn't be consuming fat since it belongs to the Lord and maybe he doesn't want to share it with us for our own good.


Friday, May 05, 2006

Bad VT

I am a bad person.

A very bad person.

I haven't done any visiting teaching since we moved here. None. I have an assignment of four sisters in the ward to visit but I have no clue who they are and have never contacted them.

I will be going to hell. Unfortunately I don't seem to care. What is wrong with me?

In Tehachapi I was a great Visiting Teacher, I was even the Visiting Teaching Coordinator. I know Visiting Teaching is a great thing. But I just have no desire to do mine at this time. Maybe it's because I have no Visiting Teachers to come visit me, or maybe it's because I'm now in Young Women's and I don't feel like I have time for anything but Young Women's stuff.

The funny thing is that Relief Society is having a Visiting Teaching Workshop/Conference next Tuesday and the Relief Society President asked if I (and the rest of the Young Women's Presidency--why do they do that, like we don't have enough going on with Young Women's!) would be in a little skit they are doing titled "Sister Queen and the Seven Warts". I will be playing the part of the Mean Wart.

How fitting.


Will you send me letters in Hell?

Monday, May 01, 2006

We are Home

It took us twice as long as it should have to get home, but we finally made it.

We are very tired and the Big O is very confused about where we are.

I suggest you go here, for more details about the drive back.

I must go sleep now.

Thank you for your concern.

Heading Home

We had a great time in Provo this past week. But of course that great feeling couldn't last. Oh no, the Brass Clan curse had to go and rear it's ugly head some more (as if the Big O and I being slightly ill the whole trip wasn't enough!) and send us into a car accident. Or was it the wrath of God that caused the accident since we didn't go to Church and we were driving home on the Sabbath? I don't know, but I am most grateful to that same God for not allowing anyone involved to get seriously injured. I just hope that He will also help keep the resulting financial costs low.

The Thteeds will be heading back to the AV sometime today. In the wrecked car. It seems to drive fine, it's just missing the driverside window. Oh and the whole driver's side of the car is completely smashed in making both doors inoperable and the drivers seat unadjustable. That's all.

I figure the drive home will be safe. Having just been in one accident lowers our chances of being in other, right?

Oh I hope I'm right.