Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Pant Skills

Baby A is developing great skills. These photos document the newest skill: putting on pants. Now, as you can see he does not have it mastered just yet but this was his first attempt--not too shabby for his first time.
Today after I announced to Baby A that it was time to leave the house and go pick up Big O from school (an event that he looks forward to each day), I went to use the potty. Upon exiting the bathroom I noticed that Baby A was no longer in the hallway, but I could hear him heading out the back door. Remembering that he was not dressed, I stopped at his dresser and grabbed a shirt and a pair of pants for my undressed baby, and ran to the back door. There he was on the back porch, backing down the stairs, dressed in a pair of inside out pants pulled halfway up and backwards, plus a pair of pants in his left hand and another pair laying on the back porch.
Wow. I was impressed. I have never once allowed him to try putting on his own clothes and I guess he was tired of waiting for me to give him the opportunity. Plus, he really wanted to go and pick up the Big O and knew that clothing would be required for such a trip. What I can't figure out is if he opened up the pants drawer in his dresser on his own or if I left it open giving him easy access to all of his pants. Regardless, I am super impressed that he managed to get on his own pants. Clearly, Baby A is developing great skills. Maybe his next development will be the nunchuck skills.