Thursday, November 12, 2009

Little Lord Steed:Three Months Old

Little Lord Steed is now three months old (as of yesterday) and is definitely no longer an infant. He's big! (Though not as big as my last two at this age.) He can hold up his own head! He has more than one chin! He can grip things you put in his hands! He has adorable chubby thighs! He giggles! He's great! He now sleeps in his cradle and not the swing, saving us a small fortune in batteries. Instead of waking up screaming each morning, he lies there looking around, gurgling, drooling and smiling. When I go to get him in the mornings, he smiles at me, instead of screaming and crying, which is much better way to start the day. He likes to hold on to his feet. When you put him on his back he starts moving his legs and then pushes himself along. I do not believe that he is purposely trying to move himself though, he just has really strong legs that he likes to kick and push with. He especially loves to 'stand up' while I hold his hands, and bounce on his legs, this always makes him smile and even laugh sometimes. He can see a good distance now and will follow my movements from across the room, anxiously waiting for me to come pick him up, and if I do not do so quickly, he lets me know it. He now self-soothes by sucking on the two middle fingers of his left hand, just like his brother Large S. And lastly, he's a big drooler. In most of the pictures I took there is always a reflective dribble/puddle of drool somewhere between his mouth and chin. After holding him, you have a wet area where his mouth was--it's kind of gross, but I'm getting used to it.

Little Lord Steed still doesn't like the camera. He'll be smiling at you and then you put the camera up to your face to capture that adorable smile and he starts crying. Little Lord Steed's smile is very elusive. I wish I could share it with you it would make your day. But even when he is not smiling, he's still quite adorable and below you will find proof.

(Did you remember to roll over the pictures to read the hidden text?)