Saturday, April 03, 2010

Egg Decorating 2010

We tried this method for decorating our easter eggs this year and I guess it was a sucess. The Big O and Large S certainly liked this method better. There was less waiting around for for the color to get dark enough in the liquid dip dye, no splashing of the dyes, no spoons involved and it was not boring. In fact, the Big O was going on and on about how much more fun this method was: "Mommy, this is WAY more fun than last year."
While the kids had much more fun doing it this way, the results were less pleasing. When the paper was wet and on the egg, it was quite beautiful. When the bits of tissue paper dried (which took quite a long time, Theric had to get out the hair dryer so the Easter Bunny could hide the eggs last night) and fall off, the colors were very pale. The tie-dye like patterns were lovely but not intense enough to see very well. I think that maybe the results would have been better if we had used darker, more intense colors of tissue paper.
But, I guess it was a success since the kids had more fun and hey, no one ruined their clothes!


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