Monday, February 22, 2010

He's on the Move

Little Lord Steed is on the move, so watch out!
Today he went from the middle of the living room, to the middle of the dining room all on his own. He was not crawling,exactly, but just pulling his body along with his arms, pushing with his legs and using his six month old determination, to get to each and every interesting toy spread out on the floor between the two rooms. While it is exciting to see him developing a new skill, I am not looking forward to the adventures that he will be having now that he can move around.
Watch out, here he comes!

Um, looking at Little Lord Steed's face, it would appear that I need to do some vacuuming.


Blogger Celia Marie (W.) B. said...

Go LLS! Walt can turn himself in circles and push himself backwards, but he has yet to figure out the forward motion.

Tuesday, March 02, 2010 8:14:00 PM  

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