Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Did I forget to mention...

that today was also my birthday?

And what a lovely birthday it was.

I could have slept in. But I couldn't. Which is very strange for me. I was way too excited about mine and Large S's birthday...or maybe I was just a little stressed about the pictures that I needed to take of Large S and whether or not any of them would turn out.
I got to take a shower. In the morning. Right after I got out of bed. Even though I also took one yesterday! It was lovely.

Then my dear friend came over and took pictures of Large S. I figured that with her excellent camera skills and faster camera plus my OK camera skills, would surely result in some decent pictures of Large S on his first birthday. I was right (see previous post).

And as if that wasn't enough of a birthday present, she then took me out to lunch! Can you believe it!? What a great friend! Theric got stuck at home with all the children, so it was not just lunch but a quiet, calm, adult conversation type lunch!

We went Gregoire in Berkeley. Charming and delicious. We had crispy potato puffs and the Prosciutto sandwich. I am salivating just thinking about that lunch. The potato puffs are brilliant. Should you ever come visit, we must go there and have some.

If you want to salivate too, go take a gander. I love their logo--isn't it cute!

After lunch we walked over to Andronico's and bought Mint It's-it, my favorite ice cream novelty. Mmmmmmm.......... Back to my house to relieve Theric from child watching (four total, two 4 year-olds, one 2 year-old, and one 1 year-old). Thank you Theric!

I played with Large S and Big O a bit and then declared that I was tired and would like a nap. Theric got the boys ready and left the house for a walk, I took a nap--zzzzzzz--The boys returned. The nap ended but was very refreshing.

Next I took up my visiting teacher's offer to watch my kids for my birthday. We dropped them off at her house, where there was a kiddie pool set up--what fun! Then walked to Solano to find a present for Large S and dinner. It's so nice to be able to just walk with your spouse sans children; holding hands, talking, or not talking--what a nice gift.

We got some great books for Large S then after strolling Solano decided on Barney's. I did not need to eat anything after the great lunch I had, but Theric was very hungry and I knew Barney's would be good. It was good--but maybe not the smartest or healthiest choice. But hey, it's my birthday!!!

We walked quickly back, picked up the kids, chatted with my visiting teacher and her husband (thanks you guys) then rushed back home for birthday pie.

Yep, pie. Theric and Big O got me an apricot and olallieberry pie from Fatapples.

This pie was delicious. I can't wait to have a slice for breakfast tomorrow!

Next came presents.

The Big O spent most of today begging either for pie: "Mommy can we have your pie now!!!!!? When are we going to eat pie!!??" or for present opening: "Mommy, when are we going to open your presents!? Can we open presents NOW?! PUH--LEEEEZZZZZE?"

Finally, the time had come!!!

I got

, ,, , and .

Great presents!

Thank you family, what a wonderful birthday.

And a final great big thank you to my mom for giving me a birthday--love you mom!


Blogger Th. said...


Happy birthday! I love you!

Thursday, June 19, 2008 8:43:00 PM  
Blogger Celia Marie (W.) B. said...

What an interesting assortments of presents. The pie looks delicious. This year for Matt's birthday we're diverging from the traditional Safeway cake and going with a coconut cream pie instead.

Hope you had a great day!

Friday, June 20, 2008 9:27:00 AM  
Blogger Scott and Jenn said...

Happy Birthday! What a fun day you had. Those are some of my favorite places to eat in Berkeley. I can't belive your little guy is now a big boy, well almost. They grow so fast. I love reading your posts, a good way to stay up with your life.

Friday, June 20, 2008 9:50:00 AM  
Blogger Lady Steed said...

I forgot to mention the other gifts I got: Gift cards to Target form Celia and my mom and some lovely cards from 'sposita and the Dude--Thank you everyone!!

Saturday, June 21, 2008 1:20:00 AM  
Blogger 'sposita said...

I'm glad you had a great day! =) (and that you finally got to eat your pie!)

Sunday, June 22, 2008 8:58:00 AM  
Blogger jana said...

Happy Belated! I didn't realize you and Large S shared birthdays. How fun! I can't believe I've never heard of the It's-it after all my visits to San Fran growing up. It looks delicious. I'm definitely going to have to try one next time I'm there. Which unfortunately looks like it won't be for awhile :(

Sunday, June 22, 2008 2:20:00 PM  

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