Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Little Lord Steed: Nine Months Old

At nine months old Little Lord Steed is a super speedy crawler and can pull himself up to a standing position, very quickly, on anything and everything. All the time. Even me. When he wants to be picked up he crawls over to me and tries to pull himself up to standing, though sometimes it takes a while because he has a hard time getting a grip on my pant legs. He gets really mad. This is the only situation in which he has difficulty in getting into a standing position. He likes to pull books off of the bookshelf. He pulled him self up to standing on a stool, and was them pushing it forward and taking stpes along with it--in the same manner that one would use a walker. His favorite room to try and get into is the bathroom. He loves to go in there and pull himself up next to the tub. I also think he likes going in there because he knows it is the one room he has not fully explored. He has started to babble, though he's not a big talker. He's eating lots of food and it's always what we are eating. He really likes bananas, yogurt berry shake, blueberries and cherri-os. He clapped his hands for the first time on May 9th. He's in the separation anxiety stage--he can be fine and happy playing with daddy, and then I walk by and he screams and gets upset. A whole bunch of hair grew in, all of the sudden, so he's got a lot of hair now, which makes him look much more like a little boy than a baby. But, looking at pictures, it appears this hair was really all in by his 8 month birthday--anyhow, people often comment on how much hair he has.

Picture taking was nearly impossible this month--he's way too fast and has no interest in holding still. I took many pictures but very few turned out well. Moving subjects are hard to photograph .

Little Lord Steed you are growing up very fast, please slow down.


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