Sunday, April 11, 2010

Little Lord Steed: Eight Months Old

At eight months old Little Lord Steed is doing most of the same things he was during his seventh month, only, he now does those things better and faster.
He has mastered crawling and has moved on to pulling himself up into standing position. His favorite spot to do this is on the sill of our front window. The first time I saw him to it was on March 22 and he did on the boys' train bin (though allegedly he did it previously on the tub). He pulls himself up to standing one or two times a day and each time I think "Oh no. No. Please do not do that. I really do not want you walking anytime soon."
He is so mobile now. He can get anywhere he wants. Today, at church he even attempted to get up a stair. Now that he crawls he can get stuck in places. He most often gets stuck beneath the kitchen chairs and under a small side table I have. When he gets stuck he cries until I come over and rescue him. Then I put him down and he goes off and gets stuck again. I ended up clearing a bunch of things out from under the side table and now he no longer crawls over there. I wonder why he was so drawn to getting on top of the box I had under that table?
He also finally started putting himself into (and out of) a sitting position. Before he could sit up unsupported but he could only get into that position if I put him into it. Now he can do it all on his own. He did this last Sunday, April 4, for the first time. This is good because now he can sit up and explore a toy instead of laying on his belly and doing so, which was kind of messy, what with all his drooling. Now instead of the drool puddling on the floor it run into his clothes. This makes for a damp baby, but I suppose it's better than ruining the floors.
A few days after his seven-month birthday Little Lord Steed started sticking out his tounge, a lot. He'll stick it out then wag it around. When he sticks it out he generally angles it down toward his right side. It it funny. But he has now stopped doing this. It's funny how he will do something for a little while all of the time and then just stop. Although today he did inspire a member of our ward to tell Theric that Little Lord Steed has the longest tongue he had ever seen on a baby.
On St. Patrick's Day I made an Irish Lamb Stew, very tasty. We mashed up some of the lamb, carrot and potato for Little Lord Steed and he loved it! I would say this is the first time he has ever really eaten a full meal and certainly the first time he has ever liked eating something so clearly and so much. Since then we have been feeding him more things more often. He is interested in pretty much everything that we are eating and seems to like most food. However, he does show a great preference for anything we will let him pick up and put into his mouth himself. He does not like being fed from the spoon. We learned that feeding him KIX, brown rice and bananas, exclusively, over a few days results in a sad and uncomfortable baby.
He had been sleeping all the way through the night (he started doing this just before he turned seven months) --- 12 hours even --- but then he began waking up once or twice a night again. Sigh. He goes to bed with the other two boys though, between 7pm and 8pm and has since gone back to sleeping until about six or seven. Sometimes he will go back to sleep after being fed and let me sleep in as well.
His mastery of crawling means that taking his picture was nearly impossible this month. He just won't sit's very frustrating.


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Today a male friend of ours commented to me: " You and Theirc have the cutest kids. When you think of a 'cute' baby your baby is what people think of." What a nice compliment. Plus, I think it carries a little more wait since this man has his own cute baby.

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