Friday, March 11, 2011

Bad Mommy

For the last two or three days Baby A has been refusing to drink milk.

Each time I handed him his kleankanteen sippy cup (see above) he has eagerly grabbed it, taken a sip, returned it to me and then started crying. And I would take the sippy cup and place it back in the fridge. Today he refused to even take it from me when I offered it to him--he just started crying. I have been very confused by this since Baby A loves milk. When he wants some he runs to the fridge and bangs on the door until I open it up and hand him his sippy cup. I have been rather confused as to why he has been refusing it for the last two days.

But this evening the confusion was all cleared up when I decided it was probaly time to give the sippy cup a washing. Oh what a suprise I found.

Turns out his sippy did not contain milk in the liquid form. Oh no, it had moved onto the realm of solids-- the milk had become cheese. And not yummy cheese, sour stinky cheese.

To Baby A I offer this apology: I'm sorry I have been trying to making you drink sour chunky milk for the last three days. I am sorry that I have become such a negligent mother. Trust me, I'm feeling pretty bad right now. I hope you can forgive me and that I have not caused you to hate milk or your klean kanteen sippy cup.