Saturday, January 30, 2010

Mrs. Noah

Large S got this Noah's Ark toy for Christmas from Theric's parents. So we open up the box, start detaching the animal pairs: lion and lioness, giraffe and giraffe/ess, zebra/ess, and elephant/ess.

Then I detach Noah I start to tell Large S the story of Noah and the ark while he plays happily with his new toy. "There went in two and two unto Noah into the ark, the male and the female, as God had commanded Noah." And it is during the telling that I notice something is very wrong with this set.

I go back to the box to make sure I got all the figurines out. Yep, it's empty. Which figurine was I looking for?

Noah's wife.

Yeah, that's right, Fisher-Price decided to leave that one out. No human female on this ark. Was Noah a master of asexual reproduction? Sheesh. Talk about messing with the children.

It bothered me enough that we bought a Mrs Noah (2002 vintage) off eBay, but why did Mrs Noah get kicked off the ark between then and now? What did she do? Demand equal rights?

Oh Fisher-Price, I never would have pegged you as a bunch of misogynists.

Friday, January 29, 2010


I like comics.
I like Jane Austen.
I have a little crush on Mr. Darcy.
I thought this was very funny.
This one is quite excellent as well.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Heart Sprinkles

I like the way these hearts appear to be sprinkling down on our front window, getting us all pretty for Valentines day.

The Big O captured them using my camera yesterday.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Little Lord Steed: Five Months Old

Happy 2010 and happy five months to Little Lord Steed on Jan 11. At five months, Little Lord Steed still does the stuff he was doing at four months only better. Now he can actually roll over all the way from his back to his belly. He did this for the first time on Jan 4th then did not do it again until the 11th --- apparently he was saving it up for his five month mark since he did it a few times that day. I wonder how long before he learns to roll back onto his back though, as he doesn't like being on his belly for too long. He loves to stand and bounce on his legs, flaps his arms when happy, and can almost stay in a sitting-up position. He loves to look around. Still drools constantly but is sucking on his fingers less. Likes grabbing his toes and putting them in his mouth. He reaches and grabs for objects dangled in front of him. He grabs the object with one hand, then hands it to the other, then uses both to bring it to his mouth and explore it for as long as he can, until he drops the object. He is very good at this.
He is interested in paper and hair. Specifically in grabbing for it and putting it in his mouth. Large S does not like this development --- more than once a day Large S allows his curly locks to get too close to Little Lord Steed and screaming ensues.
Little Lord Steed has a really hard time falling asleep every night. He gets fussy around seven then doesn't manage to fall asleep until nine or ten then wakes up around midnight for a feeding. Then he's back asleep and will wake up at least one more time (usually twice) between midnight and five am. As you might guess, I am pretty tired out by all of this --- oh when will you start sleeping all the way through the night, little baby!!!????
Little Lord Steed LOVES the Big O. The Big O can almost always get a laugh out of him. Jan 4th we were all on a walk, Little Lord Steed was in the baby sling and the Big O started walking/skipping and Little Lord Steed thought this was HI.LAR.I.OUS! Every three steps got a huge belly laugh! It was so cute! I often send the Big O to go and talk to Little Lord Steed when he starts getting lonely --- with good results. It's nice that Little Lord Steed is happy to see someone else besides me. Little Lord Steed will also almost always laugh if you rub your head on his belly. The Big O thinks this is hilarious.
Little Lord Steed got his first stroller ride on Jan 5 --- he seemed to enjoy it, or at least didn't hate it. He fell asleep and now usually falls asleep when I put him in it on our walks to and from Big O's school.
Lastly, he's definitely bigger. How much bigger? I can't say as his next checkup isn't until the 20th. But I'm pretty sure we'll be moving up to the next size of diaper this week. And I must say that the rolls on his thighs are delightful.
Now brace yourself for the adorableness.
Five months already? How can this be?

size update: as of Jan 20 Little Lord Steed weighs 16lbs 12oz and is 25.75 in long. This places him in the 50th percentile for both weight and height. His pediatrician said, "He is symmetrical in all ways! What a perfect little guy!"