Thursday, November 06, 2008

Halloween Tragedy

Halloween was great, except for one major (to me) tragedy.

Brace yourself:

(Do you see it? These glasses, my glasses, they are now missing one of their arms.)

Isn't that horrible!!! How did it happen, you ask?

Well, I'm embarrassed to admit it, but I kneeled on them. Yup, my fault. As you learned from the last post, I have worn glasses since the second grade; I know how to take care of a pair of glasses! I have never damaged a pair in all that time! How could I let this happen?

I can only attribute it to exhaustion/excitement/sugar coma caused by my favorite holiday, Halloween.

As I was getting ready for bed that night, I removed my glasses before taking my shirt off, and placed them on the bed, instead of in their proper place which would be the nightstand. On the bed, off my top, into bed. I felt something strange under my knee and instantly realizes what I had done. CRAP!

All the pieces were intact, but none of them looked right. Everything was skewed. I couldn't even put them back on my face. It was bad. Horrible even.

The next morning, Saturday, we went to the optometrist shop next to the Trader Joe's. Theric had been there the week before and they were kind enough to fix a loose peice on his frames, free of charge. I walked in and showed the ladies at the front desk my glasses, they both said, "Oh wow!! That's bad!! How did you DO that!?" It was clearly one of the worst cases they has seen. They called for the resident glasses-fixing expert and he too was quite shocked. "What did you DO!?" I explained the embarassing story, making sure to teach the moral (always put your glasses away in the right place.) Everyone thanked me for my honesty, which I found odd. Apparently people make up ridiculous stories about how their glasses got damaged instead of telling the truth, like: I sat on them.

The glasses-expert told me he would try his best to fix them, but he did not feel confident that he would be able to do so. I waited about ten minutes. He came out with my glasses and they looked OK. Certainly better than when I walked in with them. He warned me to not fold the arms in since the metal hinges had been bent and to do so would strain the metal more, probably causing it to break, and the arm would fall off. He put them on my face, but they were very crooked. He did his best to adjust this, but couldn't get it quite right. I told him it was fine, thanked him profusely, then left the shop.

I could see now, this was good (I had still had my last pair of glasses and had been wearing them in the meantime, but my perscription hads changed a bit, so things had looked a touch blurry), but everything felt off kilter--wonky. I was dizzy and not at all stable. I made it to the car. Took the glasses off, to take a little break from the wonkiness, then put them, very carefully, back on. Then I heard a little snap and the right arm fell into my lap.

"Oh NO!" But then, suddenly, everything was balanced again, not wonky! Problem solved! So I have been wearing my glasses, but I have only one arm on them. While I can see fine, the glasses tend to slip down my nose much more often than when the glasses had two arms. And, my left ear hurts in the back where the remaining arm grips.

It's been interesting, and kind of funny, to see how long it takes people to notice that my glasses are damaged. Some people have yet to notice it, others notice it pretty quickly after they start talking with me, "Oh no! Lady Steed! Your glasses are broken! What happened?!" I should have been keeping score between those who wear glasses and those who don't, to see who noticed more often. I wonder if some have noticed but not said anything, thinking that maybe it's some new style of glasses--me being such a trendy gal and all.

Today I noticed that the other arm seems to be getting a bit lose so it looks like I'll be needing to get a new pair soon.

I just hope my search for a new pair goes better than last time.

8 Random Bits

I got tagged by my cousin--I have never been tagged before, how have I dodged the bullet for this long?

8 Random Bits about Lady Steed

1. I am left handed.

2. I have worn glasses since the second grade. I feel bad for my children who will almost certainly have to wear glasses.

3. I have huge feet. Size 11. (Hey! It's rude to laugh at something an individual has no control over.)There are rarely any cute shoes in my size in a shoe store--if the store happens to carry size 11 at all. If you see me wearing cute shoes, chances are they are actually a size too small for me and I am in a tremendous amount of pain. I'll share a sad story about me and shoe stores with you sometime.

4. I am my mother's first born child, I was a cesarean baby. My first born child was also a cesarean baby. But not my second.

5. I love Halloween. It's my favorite holiday.

6. I am taller than my mother, but not my father.

7. I did not get my driver's license till after my first child was born and I was past the age of 25.... I am not yet 30. Driving still makes me nervous.

8. I have only been to a hair cutting establishment three times in my life. The first time didn't happen till I was 22. Paying someone to cut your hair is really expensive! I can't afford the maintenance haircuts to keep my hair short, so I am planning on growing my hair out long again. Then I can go back to getting free haircuts (really just trims) from mother, just like I have done for all of my life...except those three times.

There you go--hope that was somewhat interesting.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008


Lsteed Wordle

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Costumes Worthy of Treats

Watch out Batman!

Batman even protects the pumpkins.

Batman takes flight.

Perhaps the cutest turkey ever.

Mmmmmm...I can't wait till Thanksgiving. I love turkey!

Batman! What did I do?!